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Introducing Good Manners

September 25th, 2012 by Morgan - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment


I’m happy to announce a new section that will be touched on weekly in our blog, the topic of manners!

We’ve all had a moment where someone did something, or didn’t do something, where we thought, “That was just rude!”

With all of the technology and ease of communication, one would think that a quick response to an RSVP would be easy, or having attendants from multiple locations could review a dress or two to decide on the perfect fit or color. But, alas, technology seems to make it more difficult. Should you even respond to a Facebook Invite for a bridal shower, when you expected a more formal invite to arrive in your mailbox?

Having multiple generations involved in wedding planning, can often time make it etiquette situations pop up as well. Each generation has areas in manners that they stuck to and were lax on. I remember my mother telling me that girls don’t call boys, but she was more lenient on wearing white after Labor Day. Would she have been okay with my wedding dress being more than just white? (Who knows, I never asked. LOL)

With all this technology and mingling of expectations, it’s no wonder that there are questions on etiquette. So, we’re open for business! Send in your questions to, and once a week we’ll wade through the murky waters of wedding etiquette together.

Tell me what are your touchy points on etiquette. Or do you have a great tip on manners from your mother that you’d like to share?

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