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Door County Bride-To-Be — Countdown: 2 Weeks

May 29th, 2013 by Jackie - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Hi! Did you know that in just under two weeks, I’ll be married? I bet you had no idea.

I am on my way to the jeweler right this instant (well, in a few instants) to drop off my engagement ring to be soldered to the wedding ring. For the next few days, I’ll feel all weird without my ring on. I would have dropped it off on Friday, but I went to New Orleans this past weekend (!!!) and didn’t want to be without it.

NOLA. NOLA was fun. Friends Janet and Claudia and I had a great time. I ate beignets, walked tons (to offset the beignets), and was warm for the first time in months. I also managed to come down with a sore throat, likely due to the extreme difference in the air conditioning and hot, humid weather. I also only drank things that coordinated with my nails. See?

So purrty!

So purrty!

I’m off! See you all next week!


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