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Door County Wedding Insider Photo Shoot — The Dress

January 31st, 2013 by Morgan - 1 Comments - Leave a Comment

By now you may have seen the press release and photo talking about the Door County Insiders which includes me as the Wedding Insider. But if not, here’s a link: New Insider Experts To Provide Tourist Tips.

We found out we had been selected for our positions the week before Christmas, and we were asked to do a photo shoot where we would be dressed in our “insider” niche. Needless to say, I was excited and went right to work trying to get all the pieces in place to look like a proper Bride in the photo with a dress being first on the list.

I was married 12 years ago, and I believe my wedding dress would still fit… But after popping in to Concepts Bridal & Formal on Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, I knew I wanted to try on a dress and really do this photo shoot justice.

Concepts Bridal in Sturgeon Bay on Third Avenue.

Photo by Rob Hawthorne.

You see, when I got married, it was more of a spur of the moment thing. We decided we wanted a house and used our money the we had saved to buy that instead of doing a large wedding. I went down to the mall and found a white dress with beading on it. I had a friend from work who surprised me with a bouquet of white jasmine. Then I bought some white roses with a hint of pink, grabbed a headband that had wiring to make my hair piece, and went to the courthouse. Thankfully, my mom, aunt, grandma and sister were able to come be a part of the day which makes it special. After signing the paperwork we  had 5-10 shots of us as a couple afterward at a friend’s Photography Studio and went out to dinner.

We had assumed this wedding would just be the “formal” one, and we would do a large wedding later in the year. But circumstances didn’t allow that to happen and so that was my only wedding. I now tease my family that they got off easy, because now that I look at jewelry, dresses, flowers and décor, my “real” wedding would have been very expensive. *wink.

So… when I wanted into Concepts Bridal and talked with Shirley Ehlers, the owner. I wanted to try on a few dresses for fun. (And to see if any would actually fit – I just had a baby last March.) The first one I tried on was stiff as I expected it to be, but the second one by Maggie Sottero was soft and flexible. I was surprised by that. I guess I always assumed you were fitted up like Scarlett O’Hara asking Mammy to pull it tighter.

And after trying it on, I knew it was the one!

It was fun chatting with Shirley about some of the things she’s seen over the years, like the girl who decided she didn’t like the wedding dress she had brought up to her Door County destination wedding and came in and found the exact dress she was looking for, making her day, literally. Shirley also was kind enough to help me pick some jewelry, a tiara and sparkly drop earrings in a 40’s style, while we chatted about her work with the Miss Door County pageant (which happens on February 2nd this year). The theme is a masquerade, which I personally love.

Needless to say, I had a blast, and felt very girly both that day trying the dresses on, and on the day of the photo shoot.

Thank you to Shirley for letting me play dress up!

If you need a wedding dress, prom dress, or anything for a special occasion, be sure to stop in and see Shirley. She has over 250 dresses in stock ranging from $99-$1500. She’s open year-round M-F from 10:30am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 3pm, or by appointment.

I’m sure the dress I picked out was the $1500 one, but I never looked at the price tag. So I can’t honestly tell you. But it felt like a million bucks!

Door County Wedding Insider, Morgan Mann. Photo by Jason Mann Photography.

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