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Door County Bride-To-Be — Invitations

April 16th, 2013 by Jackie - 1 Comments - Leave a Comment

Photo courtesy of istockphoto.
The invitations are going out today! Well, most of them. And by “are,” I mean, they should. I spent most of the weekend addressing them, hunting for missing information and trying my very best to follow Emily Post’s rules for salutations and honorifics.
Some lessons learned:
  • Pay the extra money to have your return address pre-printed on the reception envelope and outer envelope.
  • Don’t agonize over price for the invitations you want.
  • Don’t order your invitations until you know how many you’ll need to send. I’m been so insanely busy with work that I didn’t take the time to figure out how many invites I’d need versus how many people we’re inviting, and ended up with more than needed—lots more.
  • Do order extra envelopes. I needed five—FIVE—attempts to get my friend Janet’s name right (also: reconsider drinking alcohol/staying up late to address envelopes).
  • Get as many addresses together before you sit down to do the addressing. I thought I had more in place than I did. By the time the invitations arrived, I simply had to get them out ASAP. I’ll go back in another sitting and get the addresses I missed (probably 30 or so).
  • Do obtain the nicest, easiest-writing pen you can. I borrowed from my work supply cabinet the Pilot rolling ball pen in black.
In short, most of my challenges existed because I didn’t leave myself enough time. My matron of honor offered to do the addressing for me, but there were still so many questions that only I could answer or relationships that only I would know that it didn’t make sense for me to delegate that task.

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